Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Contacting BoomVista

We welcome private email, but - to better share our experiences and impressions - we encourage you to click the word 'comment' below each original post and share your views with the rest of us.

To ensure a reasonably high level of discourse, we moderate these comments but we assure you that our tolerance level is high and we aim to clear the vast majority of contributions.

The comment form can be a bit confusing, so here's some guidance:

After you type your comment, you will see a place to "Choose an identity." If you already have registered a Blogger name, you can use that. If not, you can click "Other" and use your real name or create an alias. You do NOT have to fill out the box titled "Your Web Page" - just leave it blank. You also can click "Anonymous" and no name will appear on your comment.

After you leave a comment, be sure to check back regularly to see and respond to comments that other folks might have posted. And, so, we create a conversation.

If, however. you have a need or a preference to email, the address is:

By the way, you can email a particular post to someone else. Simply click the email icon to the right of the comment form.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informational site. I will refer to it often. However, I am puzzled by the term "Boomer". Since I am just a few years removed from the "Boomer" definition I guess I am not allowed to participate.
I think it is a great site and wish you much success with it.

Marty said...

We are chronologically neutral here at BoomVista.

You can be a Boomer, a Boomer Emeritus or a Junior Boomer.

All are welcome.