Friday, April 13, 2007

The Kids Are Gone, Let's Buy Something...

...that's on sale.

(And, no, BoomVista is not going to carry your pocketbook as we walk through the mall.)

OK, we are 78 million strong and, Lord knows, we're not in the habit of denying ourselves anything that we want or think we need. So that means we spend money, and that, in turn, has inspired more than a few companies to begin specializing in Boomer-related consumer research.

We'll spend some time looking at those firms, but for now, we've come across an interesting study by a unit called BoomerEyes. According to the group's website and a summary of the report:

- We spend about $2 trillion annually.

- Nearly 40 percent of the 1,110 survey respondents are empty nesters, and they say they have an average of $315 more to spend each month.

- Nevertheless, nearly half of the respondents say that financial issues are at the top of their list of concerns.

- More than 70 percent of those 50 to 64 years old say they spend a lot of time using the Internet. (Which we here at BoomVista consider very good news indeed.)

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