Monday, April 23, 2007

Maybe He Just Fell?

From a Reuter's article:

"SAN FRANCISCO: Iggy Pop marked his 60th birthday just like any other respectable senior citizen would.

"The eerily athletic Godfather of Punk stripped down to a tight pair of blue jeans and dived off the stage into the arms of his adoring fans during a concert in San Francisco with his reunited band the Stooges.

"Towards the end of the 80-minute show, the crowd at the Warfield theater sang along as his bandmates struck up Happy Birthday, and Pop was surprised as balloons bearing his image dropped from the ceiling.

"A fan also handed him a white T-shirt inscribed 'Birthday Boy Iggy,' which the singer proudly displayed to his unimpressed bandmates.

"Pop, whose real name is Jim Osterberg, seemed thrilled by all the attention, but did not dwell too much on the special occasion. He muttered a few thanks along the way before resuming his usual routine: manic singing and dancing, spitting into the crowd, scampering onto the speakers and throwing his microphone stand around the stage..."

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