Tuesday, April 3, 2007

We Are Not Alone

Hey, they also have boomers in England, though they apparently boom a little earlier there. Probably has something to do with all that cigarette smoke.

Anyway, a web report from Over There asserts that "the over-50 population now command approximately 80% of the UK's wealth."

Sister, can you spare a shilling?

A report by Friends Provident, which apparently sells life insurance or something (why can't the British learn to speak/write English properly?), also says that those over 50 years old "are living a dream life" in the United Kingdom.

This obviously includes the Queen. And her No. 1 son. And probably his No. 1 son. (They are shown here. Charles is on the right, his son on the left. Or possibly the other way around.)

The report also found that retirees in the baby boomer generation, people aged between 52 and 60, have achieved a "perfect work/life balance" and can eat chocolate chip ice cream three times a day without ill effect, and don't even get us started about their sex lives.

OK, I made up the last two. I think. I kinda stopped reading the thing. Hard to know whether to feel envious of them or pity for them insofar as anyone would believe all of that.

Anyway, if you want to press onward, the entire report is here.

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