Friday, May 18, 2007

We Bet They Do

First, the kicker quote from an AP story about nudist colonies seeking to recruit younger members as an offset to the wrinkling maturing crop of Baby Boomer customers:

"Unlike any other place in life, people actually look at you when they talk to you."

Yes, we bet...

Anyway, the rest of the article is here. It, uhm, raises the question: How comfortable would you be on the receiving end of widespread visual attention?


Anonymous said...


I was at a nudist beach and a nudist resort for a week two weeks ago. Fantastic! Everyone's the same, so what does it matter that you are naked? And people talk - try talking to people on a normal beach, forget it.

Also - most people are middle aged which is great: body acceptance. You can be ugly, fat, thin, whatever: it does not matter. The feeling of freedom is enormous.

Naked people are cool to look at. But no, it's not sexual.


Marty said...

Hi. My name is Marty. I'm a Cancer and I like XM radio and jogging. And...oh wait. Wrong blog.


Anonymous said...

Mike said:

"But no, it's not sexual."

Dave Letterman famously said, of attending a nude beach with a bunch of middle-agers, "It looked like people carrying sacks of cats down to the river."

Cool blog.


Susan said...

Years ago I was with my (then) husband and stepson on a cruise. One stop was St. Martin, which has a nude beach on the French side. The men were excited to get to the beach. I yawned and agreed to go along. First two folks we saw were...middle-aged men! I laughed for days...both at the men and at my men. Not sure I could get to the point of not caring that someone's nude.